Web Design Tips for Beginners

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Your business website must get great first impressions from your visitors. First impressions can greatly contribute to the number of new clients you might get. So web design is a critical process.

Here are some web design tips in order to make your site more appealing to potential clients and customers.

1. Make use of white space.

Do not congest your page with too many photos, images, colorful fonts, and backgrounds. Remember, less in more. You need to just keep it simple. White space makes your page more spacious but not almost-empty. It also makes your page looking more neat and organized. Make sure you have a good balance of images and texts. Do not make one side of your page too heavy on images or texts. Too many words that are not broken by any box with photo or image, would look so gray, boring, and hard-to read.

2. Make sure there are no broken links.

Before you upload any links to your web server, make sure they are correct and complete. One way to check for broken link is by uploading your site using online tools such as Net Mechanic.

3. Make sure your font styles and font colors are readable and look professional.

The worst way to make your page look so unprofessional is by making use of Comic Sans font style in bright green or pink. As much as possible, do not use this type of font and other fancy fonts with fancy curves, waves, and curls. Also, avoid using fonts that are mostly not available on other computers. If the font style you used is not available on the computer of your visitor, your site will automatically make use of the default font of his or her computer which delivers horrifying results. So, do stick with generic and professional fonts. The Verdana and the Arial are two of the most commonly used fonts that can give a more professional look to a website.

4. Makes sure your navigations are clear.

Your aim once a person visits your site is for him to dig in deeper. Having a clear navigation can make this possible. Put all significant links at prominent spots like the top part where website guests usually look at first. Put menu on the left side of your site since generally, people tend to look starting from left to right. Connect as many pages of your website as possible. Make sure all important information can be accessed from every part of your website.

5. Make sure you include a site search.

This is a very important element of a website. This will give users lesser and more convenient time looking for a specific thing or information on your website. Site searches are usually placed at the upper left corner of the page.