Web Design Tips

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  1. Think that your website will be for 2 very important visitors, a human and a search engine spider.
  2. Search engine spiders cannot see, but they can read.
  3. Always optimize your work before uploading to a server.
  4. Create a unique title with a good keyword on it.
  5. Write a description about your page. Eye catching descriptions that will urge people to click on your site.
  6. A good link Structure. A link that is easy to remember and not those special characters and numbers.
  7. Always check if it passes W3C validation standards. Validating your site is a sign of professionalism.

Sometimes people forget when they are making a website, they are making it just according to what’s on their mind. They forget to consider things that should not be taken for granted when making a website. Creating a website even how colorful it is not a good idea especially when you are up with a high traffic. Because search engine cannot see but can only read, you have to be more on text and not in graphics. Aside from this, you have to make sure that your documents are not so heavy that it will take forever before it will load. Optimizing the codes and graphics will lessen its weight and will improve it’s loading time. Spice up with a good document title and a powerful description will help to urge people to click on your site. And once uploaded, give a little bit check if it passes W3C validation standards to make sure that your website is neatly coded and free from errors.