Getting Rid of Blackheads – It’s Not Always Easy

Getting rid of blackheads is no easy feat but if you know how to use natural ingredients you might be able to win the fight. Most natural remedies however work only when done repeatedly and if you are not the type who have this kind of patience, going to the dermatologist is what is advised.

You can also go to the spa and have a sauna bath to get rid of all those toxins. This will open up your pores and you would be ready for a professional facial cleaning afterwards. Check if the spa you will be going to has an outstanding reputation though so that you get the best service.

There are facial kits you can buy from direct selling companies. These kits have instructions on how to get rid of blackheads and have the right gadgets as well. The first thing you should do before you use such kits is to steam the affected area by boiling water and by letting the steam go to the face. Like the sauna, this will open up the pores and will facilitate the removal of those blackheads.

Another blackheads buster is applying a banana and milk solution on affected areas. This will not only leave your skin feeling smooth, your blackheads will be gone too. Leave it on for 15 minutes and then wash it off with a clean, warm cloth. And if there is still some of the solution left, you should it eat because that is good for the skin as well.

You should also shop for a good astringent so that your face remains clean and clear. If you would like to use natural ingredients you can try calamansi juice, dab it on the face in the morning and before you go to sleep and the wash it off. You can buy calamansi juice in any Filipino or oriental shop. These citrus fruits are like lime just smaller. They are mighty powerful as well so it is better to leave it on the skin for only 5 minutes.

Make sure to wash off the calamansi solution off the face thoroughly. Let the face dry without using a cloth because a cloth or a towel accumulates dirt and it will be transferred to your face if you use it. There is a lot of false information on the internet about acne treatments. If you go to a quality site you can find the answers your looking for.