Laser Hair Removal – A First Hand Experience

I have tried everything when it comes to hair removal, plucking, shaving, creams, electrolysis and all had there success and failures. Some creams resulted in extreme itching or redness. One of the worse side effects I received was from a special shaver that caused ingrown hairs to form. A friend recently explained to me the benefits of laser hair removal and how I could use this several times and possibly not get hair to regrow. At first I was a bit sceptical so I went researching for good places to get this service.

In my area, Adelaide, South Australia, I found that there were many laser equipped services available so it was best to research. Depending on your area and the volume of people you might also find the same thing of so many businesses and unsure of which ones to trust. The best advice I can give is to search online for reviews and first hand experiences from customers who have been to these service providers. That way you know that the information is real and the service is exactly what you pay for. I do like to know where I am going is safe and for my area I wanted to know which was the best laser hair removal Adelaide had to offer. Finding that type of service was not too hard for me because I followed the recommendation of friends and family which I suggest as the best idea for anyone.

The location I went to offered many other services like acne removal and skin rejuvenation. They also offered a free consultation, which I believe ultimately swayed my decision to go with that company. They sat me down and explained the benefits of the treatment and also the potential gains I could get if I had repeat treatments. The main benefit I can now see is prolonged reduction in hair in all area that I have had the laser treatment applied to.

The treatments, depending on size of area, can range from a few minutes, to an hour and they are virtually painless some areas you will feel a slight tingling but apart from that you will find that your hair simply does not grow back and if it does it will be in amounts far less to that of before the treatment. I had about four consecutive treatments and now the hair has not grown back, I was warned that in years to come it might grow back but thus far have not had any problems. I recommend that you research the company you are going to receive the treatment from because trust is key when it comes to someone pointing lasers at your body.